Plutonic Blues by Seyfame

Let me take you back y’all. (Worldwide)


My name na Seymatic Seyfame (That’s true y’all) and I dey come from Ho City…


It’s always dangerous in the hood. Struggles over food.

Everybody’s bad but not everyone is good.

Once in a blue, the mood is kinda good. And the fact remains, bloody clashes and Dudes.

That could boast of a million, kills for a billion.

Fast lane track over crowded rebellions. Are seen to be wrong, People going dumb and the story is the same if you living in a Slum.

Everybody is a dreamer, Known to the Drama. Blinded to the Karma, Rays getting Gamma. Raised by the tortures, it makes you outrageous. The mind so contagious but calm like the ninjas.

With appetite for life like a king, and Queen so we drink up the sins that it brings.

Trouble for the masses, locked in the crisis. Dreams without plan is like a bell that never rings. I go shine for eternity, no intruding me. Seyfamous, I’m a God in your vicinity.

Future calculator, I no get time for hater, money elevator, call me tax collector.

Blow! Baby you sitting on a long thing. Take a shot cause you’re rocking with a God-King. Welcome to the projects, where heroes emerges. Dreams comes true, mirages turned pastures.

No flying zone for the birds that opposes, the visions of leaders that bleeds for redemption. Minds on the roses, diamonds and blessings. Freedom we breathe on to rewrite the stories. That couldn’t get a page, we aim for better stage. And we fight to never loose so the battle we dey cruise.

With Million Dreams, Gushing like the streams. I want get higher so I’m wrestling extreme yea. Thundering on fire, with slaughtering desire. Deliver never tire of course I’m on fire.

Picture me fly, chilling with the most high. Banging with my style going miles with the freestyle. I came with the laws, I floss am a boss,  you applause. Of course I dey dine with the stars.

Treating microphone like my girl. She’s in love alone, with nothing but my dope lines and wicked tones.  Taking chances I can’t leave the street alone. Money in my blood cell rap in my rugged bones.

I’m not a alone my goons got the formulas. They commoners, but you can call them cardinals.

Forever I spit, miracle spells, blowing up hell. I tell I’m a lyrical cell, ringing the bell you fell. I excel, came to rebel puffing L, I bless microphones no be hard to tell.

African Al Calpone, my zone’s multiplying, it’s a fact you can’t reply. You be dead, totally silenced.  My reign never declining. Perfectly I get it popping. When hoping, I murder beats. I keep it lit. You dig a pit for me, I bury you in it. I’m the reason many rappers want to call police. I dey shock sef, gangster wey dey call police.

Are you a gangster, are you a Bluff Star?

Are you a noise maker, are you a Rap star?.

We keep it heavy here, we keep it rugged here. You say you gat the flows, you looking funny here. Them say we no dey hear, them say we worry them. Them say we scatter them. Them say we murder them. We give them Bad Investment, the thing dey worry them. I no fit shout Charley, the thing dey pepper them.

It’s all good when I come through, Seyfamous I’m a God in your vicinity. It’s only right say I pass through, Seyfamous I’m a God in your vicinity.

I set the records and I break the records, I make the records kill your records and your future records. Yeah! I set the records and I break the records, I make the records kill your records and your future records.

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