October 2020

Full list of Winners of 2020 edition of Volta DJs Awards

List Of Category Winners

Gospel DJ of the Year — DJ Cobby Jaxson

Best international DJ of the Year DJ Whisky

DJ’s Choice Song of the Year JJ Gonami Gbekui

DJ’s Artiste of the Year -Tom D’freak

Discovery DJ of the Year -DJ Palor

Reggae Dancehall Dj of the Year -Blakk Senses

Female Radio Dj of the Year -DJ Sneeze

Male Radio DJ of the Year -DJ Whiz

Campus DJ of the Year — DJ Mampi

Mc/Hypeman-Dabi Diamond

Best Southern Zone DJ of the Year -DJ Smooth

Best Central Zone DJ of the Year -DJ Karanja

Best Northern Zone DJ of the Year -DJ Destiny

Pub/Club Dj of the Year -DJ Teller- One

Hiplife/Afrobeat DJ of the Year —DJ Passion

DJ Mixtape of the Year -Dj Fcon

Artist Dj Of the Year Dj Duka

Record Promoter -DJ Stephen

Mobile DJ of the Year – DJ Cantona

Best Scratch DJ of the Year -DJ Scorty black

Best DJ of the Year
— DJ Stephen

Omar D’Poet Pens Down A Poem for The Volta DJs

Omar D’Poet Pens Down A Poem for The Volta DJs

Situations changed my mood and stiffened my heart.

I needed a cure for my stiffened heart.
Then I remembered this school of taught which says “music is a great recipe for the heart”
Now I have the clue but where do I find that recipe.

I drove my heart from the north to the south in search of that disc jockey that will soften my stiffened heart.

Tearfully, those I met only blew my head off with their noise;
Now my heart is more stiffened and my head Hmmmmm! it’s also off,rolling on the ground in search of this collection of disc jockeys.

That disc jockey that will have the qualities of a real poet.

A disc jockey with a foresight of the listeners mood and feeling.

A disc jockey that connects the heart to the mind.

It didn’t end in tears as I met these disc jockeys whose handiwork softened my stiffened heart.

Their soft hands melt my hearts with their selections at dawn.
Giving my goals hope with their early morning selections.
Energizing my tired self with their afternoon collection of tunes.
Slowly putting me to sleep with their evening miracles.

Volta DJ’s! God bless your hand for healing my stiffened heart.
Ladies and gentlemen, with a standing ovation let’s welcome Volta DJ’s.

Ɛnyɛenyɛ Kɔbla Gbɛsa
Omar D’Poet